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__What’s under the shell?
As enthusiasts of delicious cuisine, we've turned our passion into a distinctive fast-food concept. This unique approach seamlessly blends modern culinary techniques, high-quality ingredients, and our nourishing eggs.
__Why eggs?
Eggs stand out as unique food. They provide a vast room for creative culinary exploration. You can experience this firsthand at g0lden egg, where a contemporary interior and welcoming ambience complement a diverse array of fantastic egg-based sandwiches, crafted in various delectable forms!
__Which came first? The chicken or the egg?
As one of the few places, we source eggs from free-range places – the most humane method of farming that enables hens to roam freely, prioritizing their elevated living conditions (also GMO-free). This not only enhances the flavor of our eggs but also contributes to health benefits by preserving essential nutrients crucial for our well-being.
Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect, including other ingredients. We receive a daily supply of fresh homemade bread, craft our lemonades from homemade fruit, and offer nothing but premium Italian coffee in our selection.
Dignity and transparency are paramount to us when choosing suppliers. We want our meals to be infused with care every step of the way until they reach your table.

Our foundation is built on choosing only the finest and freshest ingredients, sourced from verified origins.
Our goal is to deliver nothing but the finest to your table, ensuring satisfaction not only for your taste buds but also for your body and the environment. It's equally important to us that you can relish our carefully crafted food in a cozy setting and a delightful atmosphere, where all your desires are attended to.
__Quality. Love. Respect.
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